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I'm always honoured when people gift testimonials to give others hope that their lives can be improved too. 
 At this stage testimonials are sent to me by email and added verbatim to this page.

Kane - New Zealand     (Anger and Emotional Trauma)

Working with Tame your Mind was the best decision i ever made.  Debbie was quick and fast at reaching out.
I had bad angry management problems an thought no one could understand me or help me.  Debbie was amazing in helping me and getting me back on track to the life I would like my self to have an to enjoy.  Any problems in the future I wouldn't hesitate to go back.

Keith - New Zealand  (Loss of Confidence)

Since our last session I have worked on the strategies we discussed and I can now report quite an improvement, in fact over the last 6 weeks my handicap has dropped 7 shots, but in reality it is much more as i was playing way above my handicap anyway.

While not always perfect (is there such a thing anyway) I know that if I maintain the rhythm through the swing I will maintain an acceptable result.

Thank you very much for your help. 

Fran - New Zealand  (Finding peace)

Debbie has a vast array of techniques to help individuals see where the root cause of their struggles may lay and how to address these.  By using kind and gentle techniques she helps people to explore their innermost world to find the answers that are true to them.

Through conversations with Debbie I have been able to look at myself in a new way to uncoil and resolve many of my own struggles, whether they were big or seemingly small.  As a result I have a greater sense of peace, better connections with people, which has led to less of a life struggle overall.

Debbie is a skilled professional whom I have the greatest admiration and respect for and have no hesitation in recommending.

Kim - New Zealand    (Confidence, Emotional Eating and Emotional Trauma)

I had a few sessions with Debbie after meeting her through a friend of mine. she went back through my past and together we worked on fixing all of my old emotions that had been affecting me for most of my life. Debbie is very calm and caring as she listens allowing you to feel comfortable through out the session. I became more confident as these sessions went on. The one thing she worked on is that it is ok to say no to people and not feel guilty or upset. she also helped with my emotional eating, and I now feel better about myself. I feel very greatful and would recommend her to anyone. she is a lovely person, and very passionate about what she does.

Mark - New Zealand   (Anxiety, Confidence & Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Emotional and Mental Trauma)

One of my biggest hurdles in Life has been major bowel problems. Going out to places was always an issue of where is the nearest toilets. My mind was always worrying about this which made things worse. My confidence with being around people added to the pressure and anxiety of my bowel problems. I would take bowel tablets quite often. I can now happily say that I have received four sessions from Debbie. My life has now changed for the better I never ever thought my mind would feel so clear and tame. I can now go out and about without worrying about my bowel and anxiety. My family have noticed the change in me. I will forever be so greatful for the work Debbie did to work through me to change my life.

Thank you, Mark

Virginia O - New Zealand    (Sleeping Issues, Grief, Weight Loss, Emotional Pain, Back Pain)

I recently had two coaching and guided meditation sessions with Debbie. Debbie explained the process to me which made me feel comfortable and at ease.

In recent years I have experienced grief and a lot of stress in my life.  For a long time I have been waking up in the night and not being able to get back to sleep and had back pain which I take medication for.  One of my biggest challenges in life has been controlling my weight which has become increasingly more difficult with age.  I don't (didn't) have a huge amount of weight to lose but I want to feel comfortable within myself.

Since my sessions with Debbie I have noticed I am far more relaxed, am sleeping better, if I wake I can usually go right back to sleep, not needing as much pain relief for my back and I start each day with a positive focus on what I want to achieve.

I set myself small, achievable goals and my weight is slowly reducing.  I celebrate the successes, but not longer stress if I have an 'off' day.

Within myself I feel far more relaxed and don't stress over matters that I can't control or that are out of my control.

Thank you Debbie

Tina T - New Zealand    (Anxiety, Depression, Emotional and Mental Pain)

I had never done anything like what Debbie offers but I am so glad I have.
I went to Debbie as I have anxiety and depression. Most days were a really struggle to get through, emotionally and physically exhausted. I have been holding off on writing this review as I can not believe how much better I am since having my sessions with Debbie. I have halved my antidepressant medication. I keep waiting to crash but everyday I continue to feel like myself. This is someone I haven’t felt like in a long time.  My anxiety is now under control and I am able to think more clearly and logically. I am not consumed by negative thoughts like I was before seeing Debbie. 

Your work is incredible! Thank you.

Emma - New Zealand   (Confidence, Self Esteem and Emotional Pain)

I came to see Debbie out of curiosity for what guided meditation was and what it could do for me. Although open to the process I was very surprised to realise that I wasn’t in as good a space as I was telling myself. 

Debbie made me feel instantly comfortable and that there were no judgements. It is a very gentle process which allowed me to really explore my feelings. 

I had such a wonderful experience with my sessions and came away feeling much lighter and able to see from a different perspective. 

Thank you for guiding and supporting me through the process Debbie.

Beatrice H - New Zealand   (Anxiety, Depression , Emotional Pain)

I feel very privileged to have had three guided meditation sessions with Debbie. I am a young woman establishing her career and I have always been highly anxious which often interferes with my day-to-day life in a variety of ways. I had always put my anxiety down to being "just the way I am". 

Over the last few years, I have tried different ways of "taming my mind" and nothing had ever quite seemed to work. When my Mum suggested guided meditation with Debbie I was initially a little nervous but also wanted to try something new. 

Debbie is the most perfect, gentle and understanding woman to be guided by. Prior to the session, she explained everything about the process and I knew I was safe in her hands. One of the biggest worries for me was not being able to identify the memory that was associated with a certain feeling - Debbie reassured me that it was on her to ask the right questions to lead to the memory. With this began the journey. 

Debbie and I would have a discussion to figure out what limiting beliefs about myself I wanted to work on. From this we would revisit memories and I had the opportunity to tell little me what the future me knows. This process was extremely cathartic and beautiful, especially given some of the memories that were bought up were so deep in my subconscious I never realised I held on to them or that they affected me. In many of these memories, I was able to see how they directly related to my anxiety. 

It has been a few weeks after my final session with Debbie and I am honestly feeling so good and far more balanced than I was previously. I am really starting to notice changes in things that we worked on and I also have a better understanding of situations around me. Particularly that my interpretation of the things that happened to me was never the intention of those who did the thing. Previously when I started to feel low, the feeling would hang around for a wee while given its nature, however, the other day I was able to overcome it within 12 hours which has never happened before.  

I honestly cannot thank Debbie enough and I am excited to continue my journey after finally giving my younger self some compassion and understanding. 

Brianna - New Zealand     (Emotional Trauma)

Debbie is lovely to work with.  Insightful and understanding.  Wonderful.

Michelle A - New Zealand  (Confidence, Over thinking, Emotional Eating, Emotional Pain)

I am a strong, confident and successful woman who has had many amazing opportunities and has always embraced challenges and opportunities throughout my life. Yet, there was always something in the way of me being able to accept these qualities about myself.  To be able to say I am a strong, confident and successful woman and believe it, is remarkable. In the past I would dwell in the negative and worry about things beyond my control.

With strong values of authenticity, honesty and altruism, I have found that for much of my life, I have put the needs of others ahead of mine and not allowed myself to accept and be genuinely proud of who I am and what I have achieved. Instead, I had filled my life with “busyness” running from pillar to post, juggling life, and worrying about what others think about me. It is true for many women who offer so much of themselves to others and yet shy away from accepting self-worth and acknowledging that they are remarkable humans.

I also lived with various self-sabotage techniques, especially concerning food and exercise, yet was upset about gaining weight and having an unhealthy body image.

I had huge insecurities about using hypnotherapy, as it was completely out of my realm of comfort. 

Debbie was amazing! Her approach to questioning and directing my over-achieving mind was calm, considered and thought-provoking. Her gentle guidance and support at every step in the process helped to rest my insecurities as she led me on this journey into self-discovery

I was fascinated to learn so much about myself, especially in learning the tools to help mentor my inner child as I tackled my past and now continue to grow and amaze myself daily at the changes to my outlook and behaviours.

Having thought my "issues" were just what they were and there was no way to change these behaviours. Previous attempts had led to short-term changes, yet the old habits consistenly crept back in. However,  I have discovered that through the techniques Debbie has shared with me through hypnotherapy, I can accept the past and move forward into being the strong, confident woman that I am without the shame or self-sabotage of days gone by. I am living by my values, proud of who I am and what I have achieved, yet I still give to others without putting aside my needs. I am calm and peaceful while still striving for success and achieving greatness.

It's incredible how time has opened up to me! Of course, I am still achieving just as much as I was before, but there is an ease to life, a gentleness of spirit, and peace around me in how I act, relate to others, and treat myself.

My issues around food and exercise have changed considerably. Without question, I have a morning routine that has been consistent for several weeks now, and my "lonely snacking" has been replaced with a far greater use of my time and energy. I view my journey to weight loss and positive body image as a slow marathon. I have chosen this route as it fits my lifestyle and my choices. I am in control, and I know what I need to do to reach my ultimate goal. It will take consistency and following the boundaries that have been set through this process of mentoring my inner child and building my self-worth.

I can smile when I look in the mirror and celebrate every small step as it happens. The work I have done with Debbie has given me the power to accept who I am, to be proud of who I am and what I have achieved and the strength to follow my dreams, living my life in powerful peace.

This journey of love and acceptance is genuinely remarkable. Debbie's strength and guidance throughout every step are so encouraging and supportive. She has helped me build the tools to change my life, and I will be forever grateful. Thank you, Debbie!

Nicholas C - New Zealand    (Confidence, Self Esteem, Emotional and Mental Pain)

My hypnotherapy sessions with Debbie have been very illuminating, very enlightening and very well carried out.  I have found that aspects of her work have allowed me to access parts of myself I never knew existed, also allowing me to, in my own way, my own ability, my own subconscious to find the answers that were within me that I could not see beforehand.  

My favourite areas of my work with her has been the work we did on values.  This was an incredible session that rocked my world because it opened up a whole arena of how to go forward in life.  By knowing my values I now understand why I didn’t want to be in certain areas, I didn’t understand why before and now I do.  It’s also helped me know which direction to go forward to.  By knowing my values I now know what my goals are.  I’ve been able to take on things I wouldn’t have been able to before with confidence – like taking on responsibility at work.  This was something I avoided in the past.  I now enjoy leadership opportunities.  I can also put boundaries down now for the first time in my life – all because I know my values.

Debbie also taught me how to analyse my thoughts and to keep questioning where these thoughts and beliefs come from. To go to the first time the thoughts were produced.  Were they mine or pushed upon me. Every time I have found I was able to trace where it came from and whether it was mine, which then gave me the choice of do I get rid of it or keep it or adjust it to suit.  That was an incredible journey.

I have come to see the brighter side.  I now see the positive rather than the negative.  The work we have done has totally changed how my brain sees things.  I told Debbie at the start I thought I had tendencies to Borderline Personality Disorder and all that it involves.  This had not been officially diagnosed, it was my educated belief.  I can now say with confidence that all the things that I believed contributed to it have been resolved.  This has been an amazing result for me. 

This has been a difficult journey at times for me, In one part I felt like I was mourning the old me as things started to change.  Now I feel like I am a new person, I found my own answers with Debbie’s guidance and changed the beliefs that were holding me back.  I am moving forward with confidence, knowing I can and will succeed and I can use what I have learnt to keep helping myself and to help other people.

I am now at peace with myself, I can make sense of my life now, I am able to set boundaries, hold my head high and enjoy my life.  I see possibilities and opportunities I have never seen before.  Thank you Debbie it has been an amazing journey