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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us if you have a question about the Tomatis Method not covered in these FAQ

How can the Tomatis® Method make such a difference?

Approximately 80% of our sensory input comes through our ears and goes to both our cochlea (where it is heard) and to our vestibule (where it is processed for balance and spatial orientation).  From the vestibule the information goes to the limbic system and the amygdala and involving the Vagus nerve.  The information also goes to the language centre, emotional centre and prefrontal cortex of the brain, so it is easy to see how this system that helps a person reach their full potential

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What happens at the consultation?

In our consultation, we'll work together to: 
1. Give you an opportunity to teach me more about the issue and how it affects you to give me insight into what your struggles are
2. Make a plan that works for you. The plan needs to meet your level of commitment to change, availability, beliefs and budget.
3. If appropriate book a date to get started with your unique listening programme to assist you to meet your goals.

Do you have proof the Tomatis® Method works?

The Tomatis® method was developed in the 1960's by a French ear nose and throat surgeon Dr Alfred Tomatis.  There is 60+ years of proof that the Tomatis® Method can assist a person to make significant change in many areas of their life.  It is a holistic programme so very often people make improvements in areas they weren't even expecting change to occur in.
There is a 30 day money back guarantee which means that if a person has no change within the first 30 days I will refund their investment in full.  My belief in the power of the programme is huge.

I have personally completed the programme as have my husband and two chidren.  We were first introduced to the program in 2011 when our son who was dyslexic with a significant auditory processing issue completed the programme.  He no longer struggles with dyslexia yet retains it's gifts of spatial awareness, problem solving and fortitude.  I completed the programme in 2023 - since then i have a much greater capacity to manage my emotions and I no longer struggle with IBS. The unexpected bonus' are: car sickness has gone, much better spatial awareness and balance, improved focus and I find it much easier to listen in noisy environments like cafes.  There are many more benefits - infact too many to list!

Do you work with children?

Yes, the Tomatis® Method is generally well accepted by children.  While they listen to the music they can draw, play quietly, craft, read, do puzzles, even sleep as long as they aren't eating or looking at a screen.

How much does it cost?

The programme requires that specific headphones are purchased as well as the rental of the device which houses the music.  The price depends on the number of bocks of listening a person does - usually three or four.  
The cost is the same whether it is one person or more than one person using the system, so I encourage families to do the programme together where time allows.

Do I join online or in person?

The initial consultation can be done online, however the person I am working with will need to collect the equipment from me.
It is an in home programme, so listening is done at home and the device returned to me at the end of each intensive (block of listening - usually 14 days).